FMCG & Retail

Business Challenges:

  • Paradigm shift in consumer expectations
  • Growing competition directed by technology disruption
  • Dynamic changes to application with multiple operations
  • Retail applications typically have many components and third-party applications for fraud prevention, pricing, shipping, pricing, payment gateways, vendor management, distribution management, inventory and warehouse management. These applications need to be seamlessly integrated for optimal functioning.

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  • With our various services offerings, we help incorporate and accelerate the software development and testing process, making sure that the clients are able to meet customer demands and increase profits.
  • We have combined our immense experience in managing the traditional retail value chain with our deep expertise in digital concepts like Social, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud, Security, and Commerce to come up with an integrated approach to Digitalization.
  • Our domain experts help transform your business services and operations to create personalized shopping experiences, meet customer demands by building an efficient merchandising and supply chain network, and optimize operations to improve performance and operational efficiency.
  • We serve our retail customers through Solution led approach and offer industry leading domain rich services which enables our clients to thrive in the business.